Raj Salhotra, who will graduate with a J.D. from Harvard Law School, has always had mentors to show him the way — from his parents to professors to politicians in his native Houston.


Student involvement drives educational success. That’s a fact we’ve both learned, one as a member of the HISD Student Congress (StuCon) and the other as a teacher. Through StuCon, students have helped administrators understand how the lack of internet access can significantly decrease the quality of the education a low-income student receives.


This is an exciting time for many high school seniors as they prepare to set off for college in the fall. Reaching college is a significant milestone for everyone; however, the path is more arduous for low-income students.


During the election and holiday season, I saw this young leader, Raj Salhotra, working rooms and talking to voters and activists about his intention to run for Houston City Council At-Large 1. To say he’s impressive is an understatement.